Thursday, May 29, 2008

saving up

Since my first pay out, I haven't been earning as much. Nevertheless, I'm planning to save the money that I've earned until it would reach at least 10, 000 pesos. That's what the admin and I agreed on so I could also put the extra cash to good use; since last pay out, I don't know what I did with it anymore.

The reason why I started out earning money through blogging is that I wanted to pay off old debts and fulfill some ambitions that require moolah to do so. It turns out that I'm not earning as much with my day job, so I figured I'd find other means to earn extra cash. Hence, blogging came to place.

Anyway, like I said, I need to save up for schooling. I plan to go back so I can finally get a degree. I still have a lot of semesters to finish.

For the month of April, I just earned about half of my first pay out. It's not much but I always think that this is extra income already which is good enough to pay for electricity and the internet connection itself.

So, I'm looking forward to the time I'll be able to get the money in bulk. But for now, I try not to focus much on it so it'll be a surprise by then.

Friday, May 23, 2008



Advertise On This Blog

Blogsvertise. This is where I'm getting most of my income nowadays.

They'll email you if an advertiser wants to hire you to write about something. If you don't like the task, you can simply accept or decline according to your preference. They would like you to provide some information on why you declined a task. This helps in filtering out the probable opportunities that will come your way in the future.

What's great about Blogsvertise is they have a "Grab task" option wherein other bloggers who decline certain posts will be collected to a certain bin where you can grab the ones that you would like to create. You are limited for one task per day and I tell you, the range is quite good!

You can choose which one to add as added opportunity, which means added cash to your account.

Click Here to Advertise On My Blog

Monday, May 19, 2008


Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Smorty, another paid post site I was introduced to. The layout has a greenish effect that is already okay since I like green, hehe. Anyway, so far opportunities aren't that great, maybe because my page rank isn't that high yet. I couldn't get any more offers aside from the first post that I did for them. I guess I have to increase more traffic to my site.

What I like about Smorty is its payout. They pay approved tasks on a weekly basis so it's really good cause other paid post sites would pay you after a month.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


PayPerPost or usually termed as PPP. This is one of the paid post sites that were recommended to me by my colleague. You can sign up for this site for more information by simply clicking on the banner. Of course, if you'd be clicking on the banner, it will lead you to a page where you can sign up. It's a referral program that they offer to bloggers to expand their network. And with referrals come bonuses. I'd get a certain amount if you sign up for an account. Anyway, if you plan to apply for one, then it's already your choice if you click on my banner or just go to the their site directly so I wouldn't have any credit.

Anyway, what's nice is it's interface because you'd readily understand what to do and where to go in order to find tasks or opportunities; at least for me anyway. The opportunities are properly sorted out with regard to tasks and your qualifications. If you plan to apply for sites,

PayPerPost is one of the top sites that are in every blogger's list. You have to be alert too, cause available tasks would suddenly become full in a matter of seconds if you don't act quick and reserve for them.

Note: If you don't know what paid post sites are, you can refer to my entry about it: Paid Posts

Saturday, May 10, 2008

importance of having a domain

I bought a domain already. But it's a domain for a personal blog that I'm not publicizing much. The reason why I bought one is because of some certain limitations of having a just a blogger or a Wordpress account.

Here's what happened. I created a personal blog in Wordpress. I posted some entries until it reached a certain number of posts and I made sure that it would be ready to get accepted by paid post sites. I signed up for some accounts already; some sites approved my blog, some didn't because it's not yet ranked. But there was one paid post site that informed me that they wouldn't accept that Wordpress account because Wordpressdoesn't allow paid posts in its site. My eyes became wide open at that time, being dumbfounded. And I thought Wordpress was all that. According to the TOS (Terms of Service), they really don't allow paid posts. So I resulted to just buying my own domain and host, that's what you get for not reading. sheesh.

Because I didn't want to move all my entries to another account like blogger/blogspot that allows paid posts (since I also have two other accounts here, and, I suddenly bought a site already. That was the driving factor for leading me to getting my own domain.

Other factors that are still important are that paid post sites would give priority to those sites that have their own domain. So, even if your free blogger account gets approved, advertisers would still hire you if your blog is worthy. It's just that they'd give more importance to those who aren't hosted to a free account.

Also, since I didn't know how to set up my own site. Because of this, I'm able to understand the concept of FTP servers and PHP permissions and plug-ins. This will add to my credibility since I have encountered the many frustrations of building a site; especially that I'm not a technical person. I just like to learn a lot so I won't look like a fool when people ask me questions on how I did what and where.

In the mean time, just to clarify things, you can still use a free blogger account (I guess blogspot would still be the best choice). As for me, I have to deal with some paid post sites that I've already created tasks for. I hope it wouldn't be back to the drawing board.created tasks for and see how to manage this predicament.

At least the hosting isn't that expensive, actually it's quite cheap for me. I don't even know how to compare it with other hosting services out there. But I got this data from a colleague at work who's credibility I don't have any question about. So I tried this host out for myself. If ever you're interested, you can click the banner below which serves as my referral bonus if some of you might want to purchase an account. I bought the host for a dollar a month, their most affordable package.

Reliable $1 Web Hosting by 3iX

Friday, May 9, 2008

busy trying to build another site

This is my first time to create a website, purchase a domain, look up for a host. I've created the site already and for a non-techno geek who only knows basic HTML, I'm really having one helluva time understanding the different concepts and codes, I just realized right now how to use FTP. sheesh.

Will be blogging more, once my other site is all set-up. I'll maybe discuss about the importance of having your own domain. As for now, I'm trying to stay awake and hope that my brain can still catch up.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ask them out

Guys, if you do have some questions you want to clarify or just simple comments, please do air them out. I'll try to find ways to answer them, or if I can't answer them, let's try to look for people who can! Again, I'm still a novice at this online earning business.

Whatever type of question (e.g. how to place adsense in Blogger, how to create a Unionbank EON account, how to set-up paypal, etc.), just blurt them out. I know that there are people who are visiting this simple blog of mine but are just shy to give a shout out.

The reason why I want you to at least ask me some questions is so I may also learn in the process. Also, it helps give me a topic of what to blog next. hehe.

Peace out!

Monday, May 5, 2008

adsense placement

I usually go to different forums and youtube videos in order to get a lot of tips in order to understand how I can optimize my site with regard to Google Adsense. I'm still not good in placing my ads and putting them in the page in a way that would be of best use,

There are a number of tips on how to increase your earnings in Adsense. However, for me, I haven't been that as successful with this venture because again you need to have a high number of traffic before you can really earn from these ads.

Anyway, since I'm also not an expert, here's one of some videos by Joel Comm (who is a master with earning from Google Adsense). He talks about adsense placements as well as which ones are very good in terms of easily getting some moolah because of the size of the ads.

As far as I know, one great tip would be to format your ads so they won't look like ads. Meaning, they should blend with the layout and the color of your blog. You can refer to the expert below for more information

Friday, May 2, 2008

to blog for money or not?

To blog for money or NOT?

I asked myself this question a whole bunch of times before I returned to blogging. Right now, I'm still stuck in that stage where I don't want to compromise my site in putting too much commercialism in it as I wanted to preserve the essence of blogging.

I used to blog for blogging's sake. I wanted to express my thoughts just to have my piece of the pie in creating a statement, no matter how little that would be. Until it came to a point that I didn't want to blog anymore. However, the interest came back when I learned I could blog to earn.

Right now, I'm really making some moolah out of my personal blog. But I don't want to bombard it with too many side content that's it's already hard to distinguish what the purpose for it is.

That's why if you have plans on how you want to blog, you need to sort out your sentiments if you really want to earn or not. As for me, I just wanted to be somewhere in the middle. I'd want to monetize my site, however, I still want to be a part of that small group with some entries that are worth reading.

Not that those sites that focus more on earning such as the one here, isn't worth reading. We all have different perspectives and opinions on how we view blogging.

On my end, I had to blog because I needed the money. Of course, who doesn't need some right? But again, we all have our own reasons, just don't let yourself get caught in between. You should know what you want. If you think that you'd be compromised with the way you are writing and putting different ads or paid content on your site, then stop already. You do have a choice anyway.

As what a colleague at work commented when I was still having this inner conflict inside me whether to blog for money or not, he asked me: "What is the sole purpose why you blogged?" I replied "Because I want to earn". There you have it, enough said.