Saturday, November 29, 2008

buying a domain for

I'm planning to buy my own domain for this site already... still working on it though.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Total Earnings Since I started blogging to earn

I just realized that it's already been a year since I started blogging back again to earn money and now that I found this out, I have to give a recap on the past year on how much in total I've earned through the different programs I've signed my website and then some other sites out.

These are my earnings during the year using

These are my earnings in dollars for my site and then some.

In totality for the year, here're my earnings.

I'm actually in a total shock that I've earned that much in a span of a year. But I'm equally in shock in locating where this amount has gone off. hehe. Of course, there are bills and other expenses. But I'm happy cause I didn't expect this much to come to me.

I have 4 blogs to maintain, two have their own domain and two are free blogger accounts. I don't earn as much in those blogger accounts but the domains are really vital.

For now, I'm planning to get another domain. hehe.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smartbro connection transfer

SmartBro I'm upset.

I just had my services transferred to another location and within two days they responded and installed the equipment.

I just paid a thousand bucks for it. I would have to add 450 bucks if I was the one who uninstalled the the equipment. Since I'm a downright cheap person, plus it's not that hard to go on the rooftop and disconnect the wiring, I did it myself.

However, there's a problem with my connection. Apparently right now; whenever I open a browser, I am redirected to their Smartbro portal informing me to use my account number and service request number to get in. However, I still couldn't push through.

I went to their local office to raise the matter, however, I was told that I'd still have to call the customer service hotline for they don't have any live technicians there. I was thinking that my account was barred of internet connection because I wasn't able to pay or something but they said that my account was very much updated and that I just had to wait for a call from a tech.

When I arrived home, I kept on calling the hotline because I was having a hard time getting through. When I finally talked to a rep, I was given some basic troubleshooting steps. I just had to enter my service request number and account number in the Smartbro Portal webpage. However, it had different errors. It came to a point that they had to forward the problem to their technical department. I think it had something to do with activating my equipment or something. They said I had to wait for 24 hours until it'll be fixed. All the time I was upset because of the time that was spent doing nothing. It was my days off and I had no internet connection. It was such a bummer.

The next day, it was working. When I called to request for some credit, the Smartbro rep said that he couldn't issue me some because the time it took for me to create the trouble ticket and the time that the issue was fixed didn't even reach 24 hours. I told him that I was out of service for 2.5 days but I called them the the next day. So basically, I didn't have any "day" or "days" I was out of service.

I gave a bit of a lecture to the rep, saying that they shouldn't treat customers like that. I told them that I wasn't able to call directly through their hotline to create a trouble call because I didn't have any Smart phone. I had to go to their local office just to discuss the matter and I was redirected to calling the hotline again. That alone, had inconvenienced me because of travelling and the time. However, the agent didn't budge in. I didn't want to argue anymore.

I currently work for an internet service provider and I usually know the tricks on how to go about these situations. But I just gave up and didn't ask for a supervisor anymore. The Smartbro service is in general, okay for me. The experience just had to happen to me.

Till then.

Friday, November 14, 2008

After the rain

Here comes the drought of not having enough entries or tasks. Still I'm very thankful that it coincided with the month that I first started blogging in order to earn some income. It was on a November that I first created my comeback (to blogging) entry.

So right now, I'm going back to saving up and anticipating for more opportunities.

I'm just so glad that I was able to use some extra money while I was in Manila for a business trip. Because I doubt if my salary could withstand the expenses of the metropolis. I was able to get my money back through reimbursement.

Anyway, I'm looking for more opportunities again.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Adsense Withdrawal thru Western Union

I went to Western Union and got my first Google adsense Payout!

The amount was for a year's worth and even if it's not that big, I'm still very glad I was able to reach the hundred dollar mark.

I went to a Western Union branch inside Robinsons in Fuente OsmeƱa on a Sunday. I was a bit apprehensive at first cause I was assuming that Western Union needed more than the details that were indicated in the Google webpage. I wondered if they'd even accept the information that I got, since this is just a pick up.

I told the attendants that I wanted to pick up a Western Union Quick Cash transaction.

I was told to just fill up the Receive Money (yellow form) with the details and presented one government ID to the rep and after a few minutes I got my money!

Since it was $115.96, she gave me a 100-dollar bill and exchanged the rest with my local currency. In any case, I'm so glad that I got my payout!. Western Union has been very helpful and easy; to think that it was FREE (well okay, there was a 17-cent charge for the Documentary Stamp Tax - DST). The amount was very minimal especially when you're earnings are based on work that don't feel like wort at all.

This is my first Western Union transaction and I'm very glad!

First time to hold a hundred dollar bill. hehe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

4th Payout!

Through, I earned my fourth payout! It's nice cause again, I've been referring to this payouts my quarterly bonus. It's great knowing that there's some extra moolah that I can get out of blogging. People understand why I blog for money anyway.


Come to think of it, since this is already my fourth payout, I should write an entry collating all the earnings I've gained out of I would need to create one for my other blogs as well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

1st Google Adsense Payout!

Last 23 of October, I checked my adsense account to see if I could withdraw my money already. Fortunately, there was a difference when I went to the My Accounts>Payment History. I clicked on 'details" and it tells me that I can now get my payment!

Yey! hehe. After almost a year, I'm finally going to get my First Google Adsense Payout! I know I know, one year for $115 is not that big of a money compared to other people who earn a lot more in just a month. But still, for a personal blogger like me, and with the inflation rate fluctuating rapidly, I'm glad enough to be getting this amount. I just need to convert the money to my country's currency and then voila! Quarterly bonus! hehe.


So now as I was looking for some information online on how to get this money, I was able to find out that it's pretty much easy to get my payout using the Western Union Quick Cash option.


They have a note saying.

Your payment is available for pick-up the day after the payment date above

Remember to bring the following when you pick up your payment at a local Western Union agent:

* The amount of your payment
* The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
* Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
* Sender's information:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
So what I need to do is just follow these rules and then I'll be getting my 115 bucks. I promised some people that I'll be treating them once this payout arrives. I'll blog about what happened next.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

cyber shopping

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of hassle-free online shopping and I'm very happy nowadays. I know that I’m still not very comfortable with these platforms since I’m still a bit apprehensive with transacting business on the web. I went and purchased a product on a third party vendor one time so I could buy a case for my compact discs and right now I’m just waiting for the product to arrive at the office, I’m crossing my fingers hard that it would push through.
With everything going high-tech, I’m also making the most out of my time and money to help out in the house by planning to get some things for improving its current status.

Aside from ebay, I’ve heard about ShopWiki which has more or less the same features but claim they’re better. The great feature about it is that once you go and type a keyword for an item, it will search for every store online that has that same product you wish to buy; which is very convenient and helpful in more ways than one. I'm looking forward to buying my one refrigerator once the 13th month bonus comes in.

Take for example I would want to find more information about a fridge or refrigerator, all I have to do is just search for it and voila, it will pull up information about everything related to refs and then go deeper into providing links that will direct you to the various resellers and how much it would cost you; such as this LG fridge that I've encountered. It’s that simple, I’m still finding some good buys but I’m enjoying a lot already.