Friday, August 29, 2008

unexpected emails

It's nice to receive emails once in a while that you don't really expect. I received two this week.

  • One is I received an offer to place a text link ad in my other domain's homepage. They'd pay me 30 bucks per quarter just for placing their advertisement on my site.
--- I haven't received any reply yet with the mode of payment but considering the number of emails they receive and transact business with, I totally understand. I'm still giving it some time.

  • Another one is I got an email offer from a new paid post site that's still in the beta period. They were offering me 50 dollars to write 10 articles (5 dollars each) for their clients and they'd pay me within 24 hours once I've submitted the post.
--- I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn't know if it were real or not. I just made 5 opportunities out of the 10. Surprisingly, I received their paypal email payment within the next 4 hours! Shoot, I should've finished all the tasks, I'd be 25 dollars richer. Still, it's better to get 25 than nothing.

I never expected I'd receive those emails because my blogs don't have that high page rank values (0) and I got them through my Spam folder. But it's nice since I feel proud of getting offers from advertisers. The only question I still have on my mind is how they were able to reach me through my email. But I'm still glad!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

3rd payout!

3rd payout! Yey! I got my 3rd payout which is comprised of paid reviews from last week of May to first two weeks of August 2008. Again, this isn't much to professional bloggers but I do this as a sideline so it's nice that almost every now and then, I get a bonus from earning online money.

These were earned under my personal/travel blog: plus some extra tasks from my admin for her site. I also have earned some money through another personal weblog I created but I'm not using the moolah any time soon.

I'll be getting the money from my Admin later on tonight and I'm planning to just save this bunch so I can pay it off for school.

I'm on a high already. :)