Saturday, November 22, 2008

Total Earnings Since I started blogging to earn

I just realized that it's already been a year since I started blogging back again to earn money and now that I found this out, I have to give a recap on the past year on how much in total I've earned through the different programs I've signed my website and then some other sites out.

These are my earnings during the year using

These are my earnings in dollars for my site and then some.

In totality for the year, here're my earnings.

I'm actually in a total shock that I've earned that much in a span of a year. But I'm equally in shock in locating where this amount has gone off. hehe. Of course, there are bills and other expenses. But I'm happy cause I didn't expect this much to come to me.

I have 4 blogs to maintain, two have their own domain and two are free blogger accounts. I don't earn as much in those blogger accounts but the domains are really vital.

For now, I'm planning to get another domain. hehe.

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Philippines Jobs said...

wow! do you have any tips so we can also earn as much as you do? ;)