Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smartbro connection transfer

SmartBro I'm upset.

I just had my services transferred to another location and within two days they responded and installed the equipment.

I just paid a thousand bucks for it. I would have to add 450 bucks if I was the one who uninstalled the the equipment. Since I'm a downright cheap person, plus it's not that hard to go on the rooftop and disconnect the wiring, I did it myself.

However, there's a problem with my connection. Apparently right now; whenever I open a browser, I am redirected to their Smartbro portal informing me to use my account number and service request number to get in. However, I still couldn't push through.

I went to their local office to raise the matter, however, I was told that I'd still have to call the customer service hotline for they don't have any live technicians there. I was thinking that my account was barred of internet connection because I wasn't able to pay or something but they said that my account was very much updated and that I just had to wait for a call from a tech.

When I arrived home, I kept on calling the hotline because I was having a hard time getting through. When I finally talked to a rep, I was given some basic troubleshooting steps. I just had to enter my service request number and account number in the Smartbro Portal webpage. However, it had different errors. It came to a point that they had to forward the problem to their technical department. I think it had something to do with activating my equipment or something. They said I had to wait for 24 hours until it'll be fixed. All the time I was upset because of the time that was spent doing nothing. It was my days off and I had no internet connection. It was such a bummer.

The next day, it was working. When I called to request for some credit, the Smartbro rep said that he couldn't issue me some because the time it took for me to create the trouble ticket and the time that the issue was fixed didn't even reach 24 hours. I told him that I was out of service for 2.5 days but I called them the the next day. So basically, I didn't have any "day" or "days" I was out of service.

I gave a bit of a lecture to the rep, saying that they shouldn't treat customers like that. I told them that I wasn't able to call directly through their hotline to create a trouble call because I didn't have any Smart phone. I had to go to their local office just to discuss the matter and I was redirected to calling the hotline again. That alone, had inconvenienced me because of travelling and the time. However, the agent didn't budge in. I didn't want to argue anymore.

I currently work for an internet service provider and I usually know the tricks on how to go about these situations. But I just gave up and didn't ask for a supervisor anymore. The Smartbro service is in general, okay for me. The experience just had to happen to me.

Till then.

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