Thursday, March 5, 2009

office hours

I was still in the office when the next batch of my colleagues were the one who took over the stations. I couldn't believe I stayed at the office for more than 20 hours already. I wasn't able to take a bath nor was I able to bring some extra clothes for changing. It's a good thing that I work in an air conditioned environment so sweaty issues aren't really that big of a matter. But I already felt tired from all the working and typing for the day. I even exceeded my quota for the day.

My women colleagues who wore sexy mini skirts were the ones who gave a boost to my day at that time. I was too pooped but somehow, seeing them brightened my day in a way. It was a refreshing sight seeing them all well-dressed and looked gorgeous.

There's something about those short skirts that make me want to mingle with them, of course, they had the legs to show off which helped; as if they got it through Flirty Lingerie. It's the next best thing to showing their appeal. It adds an interesting sight to behold in the office.

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